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 Building and Grounds 


Mission:  Ensure that our church building and grounds are pleasing and acceptable to God; are safe, functional, and comfortable for members, staff, and visitors; and promote and support the activities held at the church including: Worship, Fellowship, Sunday School, Day School, Small Groups, Mission projects, etc.





Steve Tibbetts and crew have done an exceptional job of building a support structure for the urns and stained-glass windows. The Columbarium itself has been installed, securely anchored, and the individual urns installed. The major pieces of remaining work consist of fabricating and installing the decorative trim around the Columbarium and mounting the stained-glass window panels.

We need to build or purchase an awning over the exit door next to the Columbarium. We still need to improve drainage in that whole area.


PDS Pantry / Worship Ministry Seasonal Storage

This room was emptied and expanded in conjunction with the Columbarium project. We have located floor tiles that are a near match, and the Utes have installed them and returned the shelving and contents.


Gutter Maintenance

A crew from Gardenmania cleaned all the gutters around the entire building. They will return on a semi-annual basis.


Irritation System Issues

Many thanks to Paul Evans (again) this time for figuring out why the sidewalk on the street-side entry by the circular driveway was always wet and slippery, and finding a contractor to fix it. Paul contacted Gardenworld Landscaping and they installed sections of 4"pvc pipe that extended the drains downhill well past the mailbox toward Loop 336 at a cost of $410.


Old Water Heater for Old Kitchen

Actually, in addition to the old kitchen, this water heater serves the two restrooms in the hallway nearest to the Sanctuary and the sink in the Break Room in the Office area. There are several issues with this water heater, but none seem to be serious enough to warrant a replacement. We will continue to pursue this with the ultimate goal being to restore hot water to all the areas served by this unit.


Hot Water Heater in Family Life Center

One of the complaints concerning the FLC water heater related to a poor flow rate in the showers. Gary Weinburger determined that the shower heads had been fitted with flow restrictors (possibly because people were running the showers at full blast, thereby exceeding the capacity of the floor drains causing flooding outside of the shower area). Gary removed the flow restrictors and so far, there have been no complaints about either low pressure or flooding. We will continue to monitor this.


Commercial Dishwasher in Old Kitchen

This dishwasher is seldom used anymore and would probably not pass an inspection for food service use. It will be removed and if necessary, replaced with a consumer grade unit.


Re-waxing Floors

Cindy Watson’s crew took advantage of the period between the end of the VBS program and the beginning of registration for PDS to strip. and wax the hallways, classroom floors, gym floors, and all other tile surfaces they could find. They did a beautiful job.   


Repainting the Leaning Cross

Kevin Simon was scheduled to prep, prime and paint the cross (with marine-grade primer and paint) on Sunday, August 11 and Monday, August 12.  Kevin is providing the materials and supplies. Tom Lowery made arrangements with Sunbelt Rentals to deliver a lift to enable Kevin to reach the uppermost parts of the cross. Unfortunately, the lift malfunctioned, and the painting had to be postponed. 

Repainting the Hallways

Many thanks to all who helped paint the hallways and the Choir Room, each other, and probably some other spaces I haven’t heard about.


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