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First Presbyterian Church, Conroe
 Member Prayer List 

Prayer List for Members:

Margi Bailey
Jean Ball
Karen Hethershaw
Gary Weinburger
Becky Judah
Audry Christie
George Shackelford
Margaret Hill
Kim Phillip
Flem Keathley

Carolyn Hebert
Paul Ivison
Leona Cowie
Lorraine Bosse

Gary and Judy Weinberger
Don and Doris Myers
Margaret Carson
Fay Harrison
Clyde Cruikshank
Virginia Tamborello
Ben Hughes
Jeanette DeFee
Polly Miller
Pat Smith
Jeanne Leverette
Virginia Olivier
Evelyn Kenward
Tom Braaten

Donna Stewart

Please contact  the office by phone, email or with a
new prayer request card to submit names
for the list each month.

First Presbyterian Church Conroe
10:00 a.m. Worship Service

2727 N. Loop 336 W. | Conroe, TX 77304 | PH: 936-756-8884