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 Administration Committee 



• To initiate new approaches to bring people to First Presbyterian Church, Conroe

• To assimilate new members into the body of Christ at First Presbyterian Church of Conroe through New/Prospective Member “First Steps” Orientation classes, New Member Gatherings, and mentoring.

• To track new member participation in worship, Sunday school, small group activities and volunteer opportunities.

• To collect attendance at worship services, and record information for record keeping.

• To join in fellowship with one another. To respect each person's differences and opinions and to encourage each other through interaction and prayer.

2019 Membership Committee Members: Muffy Crowl, Michael Dwyer, Gordon Juhl, Judy Weinburger, Susan Young, Sharon Walker, and Donna Stewart (Chair)

Accomplishments 2019:

• Held “First Steps” Prospective/New Member Orientation class. Dr. Green was present to give an overview of the Christian faith, the Presbyterian tradition, and the mission and ministries of FPC Conroe. Numerous “church involvement’ opportunities were explained to the participants by the leader of each ministry.

• Hosted a new member event in the home of Muffy Crowl.

• Each new member was paired with a mentor (church member) to provide an instant connection to the church. • Attendance sheets from each worship service were collected for recordkeeping.

• Birthday cards were sent monthly to children at Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services.

• The Welcome Center in the Narthex was maintained for the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Worship Service.

• Greeters assisted individuals entering the Narthex for worship services.

• The new Pictorial Directory for Church Members was issued.

•The First Presbyterian Church of Conroe Interests Form was redesigned to reflect additional opportunities for new members to get involved at FPC.

• The following Membership Policies were approved by Session: 06.03 – Membership Records, Reporting of Deaths and Record Keeping 06.04 – Membership Records, New Members 2019 Member Statistics: New Members-17 (6 Confirmands); Deaths-11; Baptisms-3

Goals for 2020:

• Schedule “First Steps” Prospective/New Member Orientation classes, as needed.

• Schedule quarterly New Member Gatherings.

• Continue to collect attendance sheets at worship services for record keeping.

• Take pictures of New Members. These pictures will be added to the Link each month, along with a shot bio of the new member.

• Provide Visitor Information Cards at the Welcome Desk, as well as in the attendance pads, to gather the contact information of our visitors.

• Continue to send cards to shut-ins, those who are sick or facing traumatic situations.

• Continue to send birthday cards to the children (250) at Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services.

• Continue to maintain and staff the Welcome Center for the11:00 a.m. worship service

• Continue to recruit greeters for both worship services.

•Update the Church Membership Roster for Church Windows

•Identify various ways to make FPC, Conroe recognized and known in the community in order to bring new members into the church.

•Lighting the church steeple by Easter or April 12th .

First Presbyterian Church Conroe
10:00 a.m. Worship Service

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