New Mission Opportunity

The Montgomery County Women’s Center (originally known as the Montgomery County Rape Crisis Coalition) began as a volunteer grassroots organization in the fall of 1980. Its original purpose was to provide crisis intervention, counseling, and support services to victims of sexual violence. After a brief period being aligned with the Houston Area Women’s Center, they became an independent organization having merged with Family Violence Outreach.

The agency’s first shelter for battered women and children opened its doors in 1985. The original charter and purpose were expanded to include emergency shelter, counseling, and support services for victims of both family and sexual violence. The shelter provides a safe, secure, and confidential refuge for a maximum of 75 residents for up to 30 days. Currently, 60 residents are housed in the shelter. This includes women, children, and a few men. All are victims of either family or sexual violence.

Many opportunities exist to serve this organization. The one we are addressing is the provision of home-cooked, nutritious meals. They have full-time cooking help during the week, but none on Saturday and Sunday. Several churches are helping but the need exists for more. We are exploring sharing this responsibility with The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church. Once a specific day has been selected, we would alternate the cooking sessions with them. Thus, we would be preparing meals six times per year. We would choose the menu - main dish, side dish/salad, bread, and dessert. Most of that would be prepared in our FLC kitchen. The desserts would be prepared at home and brought to the church.

All would be packaged and picked up by the Center personnel. No serving involved! Are you ready to serve in this worthwhile cause? Your participation would provide great benefits and comfort to those in need of Christian love and caring for a small amount of commitment. Questions? Please contact Shirley Dukes (936) 760-8655 by phone or text.